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S928 - A robust grid for 21st century Scotland


A robust grid for 21st century Scotland: IET comments to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee.


Electricity is essential to modern day life and our dependence has grown to the point whereby any disruption can have a severe impact on our lives. 

The severe disruption recently experienced by Scotland provides an opportunity to evaluate whether the economic and social cost of the disruption justifies the cost of an increase in the security standards.  Such an evaluation should take account of how these costs, and the long term willingness of customers to pay, might change as our dependence on electricity increases. With the potential benefits identified it should then be possible to determine whether or not the costs of increasing the regulated standards of performance can be justified. 

The submission explains the context of the debate and also the increasing range of technology solutions for providing increased resilience.

Submission Details Submitted on 02 February 2012 to House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee

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