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S926 - The Future of Heating: A Strategic framework for low carbon heat in the UK


The Future of Heating: A Strategic framework for low carbon heat in the UK: Joint Engineering the Future (EtF) submission to DECC developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IET and CIBSE

Abstract EtF welcomes DECC’s recognition of heat as an important issue that must be addressed if the targets of the Climate Change Act 2008 are to be met. The analysis of the role heat plays in energy demand and carbon emissions appears to be robust as does the breakdown of sectors, technologies and fuels.  While EtF agrees that decarbonising the electricity system will be vital to achieve the emissions reduction targets, it is an extremely difficult challenge. The added load that electrification of heating would require could make this challenge all the more difficult given the recent setbacks in the development of CCS and new nuclear power. We need to use less energy for heating homes as well as sourcing the energy from low carbon sources. EtF would therefore encourage the connection of the heat strategy with the policy development already underway within the recently formed Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO).

Submission Details Submitted on 24 May 2012 to Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

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Keywords and Search Terms Energy, Built Environment, Low carbon, District Heating, CHP, Green Deal, Building Regulations, Solar gain, Heat pumps, Heat networks, Energy efficiency