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S917 - Data access and privacy - Smart Metering Implementation Programme


Call for evidence on Data access and privacy - Smart Metering Implementation Programme: IET comments to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).


Demand data is going to be critical to the future operation of both the electricity grid and the market. The smart metering programme should be designed with an architecture that provides end-to-end security consistent with future smart grid applications. The programme must also be successful in terms of public engagement and acceptance. Both suppliers and distribution network operators (DNOs) will need to put in place robust measures to ensure that privacy and security is ‘designed-in’ to data handling systems and processes. The Foundation Stage of the Programme must be used for debate and research into how consumers might engage with smart meters, how the meters will interface with other equipment in the home, and how the system can link into other systems needed as part of a smart grid.

Submission Details Submitted on 17 October 2011 to Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

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Keywords and Search Terms Electricity supply industry, Metering, Energy demand, Intelligent control, Intelligent networks, Data privacy, Security of data, National grid, Distribution networks, Power transmission, Data handling