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S913 - Putting Learners at the Centre: Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education


“Putting Learners at the Centre: Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education” – Scottish Government: IET comments to the Scottish Government


The consultation posed a broad range of questions the majority of which the response addressed.  The principle themes set-out were:

  • To make continued education a natural life choice and be socially inclusive
  • To provide a clear post 16 education framework work which was communicated to all potential post-16 students
  • To enfranchise students financially ideally to attend full-time education, but also to enable ‘learn while you work schemes’, the latter being often essential for the mature student
  • Ensure world-class education standards to maintain global economic competitiveness
  • Make better use of the up-to-date economic intelligence and data access available within trade bodies to inform education needs
  • Within higher education ensure teaching ability is as valued and rewarded as research skills, with greater training on management skills for career academics

Submission Details Submitted on 22 December 2011 to Scottish Government

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