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S911 - The Future of Marine Renewables (Wave and Tidal) in the UK


Inquiry into the future of marine renewables: Engineering the Future comments to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Abstract There are large potential resources of marine renewable energy available to the UK. There is the possibility of a large and successful UK supply chain, but it will not happen without a clear, integrated plan and the relevant support for it. None of the various marine technologies will be cheap when measured on a £/MWh basis. However, those based on tidal motion have the benefit of predictability. Tidal barrages have far lower technical uncertainties than for other marine renewables, but at a higher cost per MWh than can be obtained from a wind turbine. Tidal flow turbines have been demonstrated in prototype numbers and represent a promising technology. Wave energy is at an early stage of development and there are challenging technical and logistical problems to be solved. Overall, the development of marine renewables will be challenging. However, they include some of the very few renewable technologies that have the potential to provide predictable power that is not dependable on the weather.

Submission Details Submitted on 08 September 2011 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Renewable energy sources, Marine systems, Marine engineering, Tidal power stations, Tidal energy, Wave power generation, Wind power, Wind turbines