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S910 - Consultation on Science and Engineering Assurance review of the DECC


Consultation on Science and Engineering Assurance review of the DECC: IET comments to the Office of Government Science.


The questions in this consultation seem to focus on whether the right evidence is produced and how it is used, which reflects a piecemeal approach. The IET’s main concern is whether DECC successfully addresses systemic issues in energy policy making and delivery. Given the scale of innovation needed and the level of change required in energy and particularly electricity, evidence-based policy making is by definition problematic as there are no precedents either in the UK or internationally. It is difficult to justify innovation and future proofing because cost benefit analysis cases have to be based on today’s conditions and requirements, not the more challenging but uncertain conditions expected to prevail in the period post-2020.

Submission Details Submitted on 15 July 2011 to Office of Government Science

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