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S907 - Lifting barriers to women in science technology, engineering and mathematics: a strategy for Scotland


Call for evidence on “Lifting barriers to women in Science, Technology and Mathematics – a strategy for Scotland”: IET comments to the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Abstract A STEM-literate workforce is essential to Scotland’s medium and long-term future economic strength. A great deal of effort has been expended on initiatives to bring women into engineering careers. However, it remains an issue in need of a solution. Society still portrays engineering and technology in particular, with science to a lesser degree, as being male careers. The STEM sector is male dominated and females face academic and business cultures that frustrate their progression to senior positions. There is too low take-up of flexible working to allow many female scientists, engineers and technicians to balance work and family life commitments. It is in part culture that determines that senior SET positions are taken less by women than men.

Submission Details Submitted on 17 August 2011 to Royal Society of Edinburgh

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Keywords and Search Terms Gender issues, Women, Females, Engineering, Science and technology, Mathematics, Careers, Social aspects, Flexible working, Skills shortages