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S903 - The future design of the National Travel Survey


Consultation on the “Future design of the National Travel Survey”: IET comments to the Department for Transport (DfT).

Abstract The National Travel Survey data fulfils a clear need and should continue to be collected. The proposed GPS (Global Positioning System) method of data collection is likely to be broadly acceptable. The issue of privacy has to be taken very seriously, with robust anonymisation before data is released. The data collection equipment needs to be as light as possible and developments in technology will undoubtedly improve this going forward. The DfT consultation appears to have identified the key issues and the proposals for dealing with them appear sound.

Submission Details Submitted on 02 September 2011 to Department for Transport (DfT)

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Keywords and Search Terms Transport, Travel, Surveys, Data acquisition, Data collection, Global positioning system, GPS, Data privacy, Security of data