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S902 - Inquiry into the Student immigration system Scotland


Inquiry into the Student immigration system Scotland: IET comments to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee.


Scottish academia and the Scottish science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industry are extremely concerned about the recent developments in the Borders Agency policy to reduce and constrain the recruitment into the UK of highly skilled and talented individuals.  This is having a major impact both on higher and further education, and on the success of critical recruitment.  The consequence of this will be a damaging constraint on the size and stature of Scottish universities, and the success and growth of high-technology industrial businesses in Scotland.

Submission Details Submitted on 25 March 2011 to House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Scotland, Higher education, Further education, Education, Immigration, Science and technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Skills shortages, Recruitment, Universities, Qualifications