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S901 - Consultation on assessment of future mobile competition and proposals for the award of 800Mhz and 2.6Ghz spectrum and related issues


Consultation on the “Assessment of future mobile competition and proposals for the award of 800 MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum and related issues": IET comments to the Office of Communications (Ofcom).



Ofcom has a crucial opportunity at this time to ride the wave of a major technological change that is foreseen in convergent wireless and superfast broadband systems. A shift in the balance of wireless systems towards much larger numbers of much smaller cells with much higher performance is predicted (Super-High-Density wireless). This implies close integration between the wireless and superfast broadband infrastructures. This will require some common architecture and Ofcom should encourage interoperability and standards between cellular and wifi, and other relevant modes. Ofcom may be unduly risk-averse with regard to interference in digital wireless systems. It also has a duty to promote innovation and needs to try important new ideas, such as overlapping spectrum use.

Submission Details Submitted on 31 May 2011 to Office of Communications (Ofcom)

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Keywords and Search Terms Mobile communication systems, Wireless communication systems, Broadband networks, Wi-fi, Standards, Cellular radio, Interference, Innovation, Radio spectrum, Radio spectrum management, Auction, Convergence, Femtocells, Licensing, Regulation, Competition