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S899 - National Curriculum Review


Call for evidence to the National Curriculum Review: Education for Engineering (E4E) comments to the Department for Education.

Abstract It is vital that the National Curiculum continues to include a blend of theoretical and practical learning within a general education curriculum. The carefully constructed thematic approach used so successfully in Primary settings could be usefully extended to Key Stage 3. The review should consider moving to a progression system based on stage (level achieved) rather than age. Alignment with vocational and occupational qualifications must be treated with the same degree of importance as alignment with level 2 and 3 general qualifications. Design and Technology is a vital aspect of a balanced general education. The review should take the opportunity to modernise the entire ICT (information and communications technology) curriculum and re-establish Computing as a subject.

Submission Details Submitted on 14 April 2011 to Department for Education

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Keywords and Search Terms Education, Schools, Curriculum, Qualifications, Vocational qualifications, Design, Technology, ICT, Information technology, Computing