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S895 - High Speed Rail


Consultation on High Speed Rail: comments from Engineering the Future.

Abstract Electrified rail is one of the few methods of decarbonising long-distance travel and high speed, high capacity rail can help achieve modal shift from other transport options. However, before the project is developed further the challenges of funding, planning, interoperability and the impact on local communities all need to be balanced. The case for High Speed 2 relies on the assumption that reduced journey time is of economic benefit and will reduce the North-South divide. No evidence is advanced for these assumptions. The economics of a high-speed line cannot be considered in isolation from the rail system as a whole. More questions need to be answered to explain the assumptions that form part of the current proposals to ensure that a full and detailed analysis of the associated costs and benefits can be appropriately evaluated.

Submission Details Submitted on 29 July 2011 to Department for Transport (DfT)

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Keywords and Search Terms Transportation, Railways, Rail traffic, Environment, Planning, Costs, Economics, Funding, Energy consumption, Electrification