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S894 - Consultation on the Technology and Innovation Centres (TICs) Prospectus


Consultation on the Technology and Innovation Centres (TICs) Prospectus: Engineering the Future comments to the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).


Whatever the choices of sector or location, it is important that the choice of TICs’ areas of interest should align with UK national priorities and needs, and the key themes of the TSB. TICs in particular fields need to be viewed as centres of national excellence rather than simply regional centres. The funding package of £200m to establish the TICs and the commitment to provide core funding over a minimum of 5 years are welcomed. However, £50m per annum spread over 6 TICs is modest funding and will not go very far. The drivers and direction for TICs’ work need to come from both universities and industry. It is expected that a significant amount of TIC effort will be directed towards engineering practice and processes as distinct from the development of scientific ideas.

Submission Details Submitted on 18 February 2011 to Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

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