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S888 - Inquiry on Good governance – the effective use of IT


Inquiry on Good governance – the effective use of IT: IET and Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) comments to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee.


Coordination of technology policy is inconsistent across Government. In addition to reinstating the Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, there should be a computer scientist in the CIO community to advise on developments in the research pipeline. The governance of Government procurement of IT appears somewhat weak. However, the issue of governance is understood by Government and there are organisational structures in place to support it. The challenge is to make them effective across a very large and disparate organisation. The level of IT skills varies enormously across Government. In some areas there are still software development skills, but in most places IT systems and software are bought in.

Submission Details Submitted on 24 February 2011 to Public Affairs Select Committee

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