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S884 - Inquiry into Electricity market reform (EMR)


Inquiry into Electricity market reform (EMR): IET comments to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee.

Abstract The EMR needs to facilitate the rapid move to deployment of new large scale electricity generation to avoid supply shortfalls over the next 10 years, and to enable the transition to a low carbon energy system. It would be undesirable to have to introduce further large scale reform to achieve the latter. In the short term, the main requirements are to encourage demand reduction; to advance the construction of mainstream technologies; to facilitate the large scale demonstration of coal with carbon capture; and to facilitate the development of low carbon energy solutions at community scale. The main longer-term requirements are also discussed.

Submission Details Submitted on 20 January 2011 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Electricity supply industry, Electricity generation, Environment, Energy demand, Energy consumption, Coal, Tariffs, Pricing, Interconnectors, Smart grid, Energy storage