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S882 - Effective Road and Traffic Management


Inquiry into Effective road and traffic management: IET comments to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.


A 5% reduction in travel time for businesses and freight can lead to a reduction in costs of £2.5bn, and through general reduction in traffic levels around £7-8bn of GDP per annum could be generated. In estimating the feasibility of introducing a national road pricing scheme, the Department of Transport suggested that time savings and the value of increased journey reliability could total £12bn a year to the UK economy. Such examples show the increasing need for traffic management schemes and measures that can reduce congestion. Such schemes need to be developed with the user in mind. This would ensure high levels of compliance, an understanding of the rules and an appreciation of the unintended consequences that may arise.

Submission Details Submitted on 28 February 2011 to House of Commons Transport Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Road traffic, Traffic control, Pricing, Road pricing, Traffic congestion, Time management, Intelligent transport systems