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S1052 - Congestion, Capacity, Carbon – priorities for national infrastructure


Congestion, Capacity, Carbon – priorities for national infrastructure: IET comments to the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).


This document marks the next phase of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, setting out the Commission’s vision and priorities for action, and consulting on what needs to be done to achieve them.

Addressing the threats of congestion, lack of capacity and carbon requires a focus on seven key priorities:

  • Building a digital society: fast, reliable data services everywhere.
  • Connected, liveable city-regions: linking homes and jobs.
  • New homes and communities: supporting delivery of new homes.
  • Low-cost, low-carbon: ending emissions from power, heat and waste.
  • Revolutionising road transport: seizing the opportunities of electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Reducing the risks of extreme weather: making sure the UK can stand up to drought and flooding.
  • Financing infrastructure in efficient ways: getting the right balance between public and private sectors. 

This broad ranging response has been compiled on behalf of the IET Board of Trustees by the IET’s Communications, Energy, Built Environment and Transport Policy Panels. Focussing on the areas of most relevance to the expertise of the IET, the strategy being taken by the National Infrastructure Commission was welcomed in what is a bold, multi-sector approach to tackling the future infrastructure challenges of the UK. It is essential, that in an increasingly connected world, major challenges in areas such as housing, energy and transport are all considered holistically and within the context of a digital society.

Submission Details Submitted on 12 January 2018 to National Infrastructure Commission

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