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S1052 - Congestion, Capacity, Carbon – priorities for national infrastructure


The National Infrastructure Committee is The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has been established as an executive agency of the Treasury to provide impartial, expert advice and make independent recommendations to the government on economic infrastructure.


The NIC operates independently, at arm’s length from government. Its objectives are to:

  • support sustainable economic growth across all regions of the UK
  • improve competitiveness
  • improve quality of life

Once in every Parliament, the NIC is committed to producing a National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA) which sets out the NIC’s assessment of long - term infrastructure with recommendations to the government.

The interim National Infrastructure Assessment consultation launched on the 13th October, examines seven key areas, and sets out the vision and priorities for helping meet the country’s needs up to 2050. Those seven areas are:

  • Building a digital society
  • Connected, liveable city-regions
  • Infrastructure to support housing
  • Eliminating carbon emissions from energy and waste
  • A revolution in road transport
  • Reducing the risk of drought and flooding
  • Financing and funding infrastructure in efficient ways

The document can be found at https://www.nic.org.uk/publications/congestion-capacity-carbon-priorities-for-national-infrastructure/

Members contributing are asked to state their relevant experience. All inputs will be treated confidentially in the production of a corporate view and individual contributors will not be named.

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