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S1051 - Scottish Energy Strategy: the future of energy in Scotland


Written evidence submitted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to the Scottish Government’s invitation to provide evidence to the consultation on “Scottish Energy Strategy: the future of energy in Scotland”.

Abstract The IET’s response was provided jointly by the IET Energy Policy Panel and the Engineering Policy Group Scotland.
In this response, the endorsement by the Scottish Government of a “whole systems” approach to energy is welcomed. In respect to electricity provision, it was felt that the resilience and reliability of the electricity grid in Scotland must be a stated priority within any Scottish Government energy strategy. While acknowledging that significant progress has been made in cutting carbon emissions in relation to electricity, further saving will require a shift in focus to difficult areas such as transport and renewable heat.

Submission Details Submitted on 30 May 2017 to Scottish Government

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Keywords and Search Terms Whole systems, resilience, energy efficiency, infrastructure investment, renewables, electric vehicles, carbon capture, smart energy, hydrogen, local energy schemes,