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S1050 - Consultation on the the future of transport


The future of transport: IET comments to the London Assembly.


It is felt that TfL plans effectively for the possible largescale adoption of new technology, which needs to be future proof and easily upgradeable. TfL does not have the powers it needs to deliver fair and accessible transport services in a more technologically advanced future and often needs to wait for national and international policy legislation in order to tackle London-specific issues.

We foresee steps towards the adoption of autonomous vehicles  but we don’t believe general purpose driverless taxis will be available in 10 years. However, fleets of autonomous vehicles of the pods/shuttle type operating in limited domains will be seen in some locations. We expect that the introduction of autonomous buses will remain under review, and introduction will be considered when the technology is well-proven, economically viable and acceptable to the public. We believe that technology development and practical trials of drones and droids should be encouraged. Airspace used by drones and UAS will need to be controlled and the cost of the required infrastructure will be high and is likely to slow the development and extent of deployment. There are different regulators with competencies over drones and droids; regulation should be managed in a way which allows for cross-learning between the regulators.

It is not (yet) clear how well the dockless bike scheme is working in London and close study of the operation of these schemes in other cities, and benefits/drawbacks would seem worthwhile such that best practice can be imported to London.

Submission Details Submitted on 31 October 2017 to London Assembly

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