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S1035 - UK testing ecosystem for connected and autonomous vehicles


The IET has responded to a consultation from the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (C-CAV) on the UK testing ecosystem for connected and autonomous vehicles.


We commented on the proposed characteristics of a testing ecosystem and noted that tests should also include interurban and high speed roads. Human factors (both of users and of “bystanders”) need to be represented in the tests. We would welcome a facility with a physical infrastructure representing both urban and rural environments, readily accessible to developers with limited on-site laboratories (these could be more virtual) with high quality connectivity to enable access to manufacturers facilities for software upgrades etc. Our response also noted that the facility would need to be operated independently by skilled and experienced test engineers, supporting trials and test planning, safety and security (including cyber) of the facility, and general data gathering and analysis (not product specific data which could be subject to IP). 

We noted that the UK is currently in an advantage position through existing tests and projects, and we must move more rapidly so we do not lose this leading position.

Submission Details Submitted on 29 July 2016 to Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (C-CAV)

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