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S1025 - Exports and the role of UKTI


The IET has submitting a response to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills consultation on Exports and the role of UKTI.


The consultation queried what further support should be provided to help SMEs meet their export potential and what UKTI activities are most effective at increasing exports and what more could be done.

One of the biggest challenges UKTI faces is that it is accountable for the export target but does not influence all the activities in the innovation value chain that are necessary for success. Having a one-stop shop and joined up thinking is very important. Exports need to be driven with concerted effort across stakeholders in the public and private sectors and hence it is unhelpful to focus only on UKTI's fitness. UKTI needs to influence what goes on in other government agencies and in other supporters e.g. banks.

Submission Details Submitted on 10 December 2015 to Department of Business, Innovation and Skills consultation

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