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S1018 - Big data dilemma


Big data dilemma: IET comments to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee


The term Big Data is widely used by many although the definition and scale is variable depending on the sector in question and little understood by the public. The IET sought the views across an number of its Policy areas including IT, Communications, Energy, Innovation, Transport and Manufacturing. The resulting response attempted to define the types of big data along with the potential benefits of analysis.

Further comments include recommended policy and actions that need to be taken to both maintain and grow skills and understanding so as to maximise benefit for society.

Submission Details Submitted on 03 September 2015 to House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Big, Data, Skill, Definition, Opportunities, Risk, Transport, Travel, Security, Innovation, Communications, Energy, Safety, Manufacturing, Legislation, Skills, Standards, Privacy