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S1014 - Ofgem consultation on Further Review of Industry Code Governance


Further review of Industry Code governance: IET submission to Ofgem


The IET’s response to Ofgem’s open letter consultation highlights the need for whole system thinking as the GB power system is decarbonised and is migrated from a largely centralised system with passive consumers to possible future scenarios that include a highly distributed system with high volumes of interactive consumers, automation and embedded intelligence. Incremental changes to the traditional Code Panels may not be sufficient to address the challenges of the future. The IET recommends that the broad messages regarding network security and governance coming out of the IET’s Power Networks Joint Vision work (www.theiet.org.uk/pnjv) are in Ofgem’s mind as they approach this subject.

Submission Details Submitted on 25 June 2015 to Ofgem

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