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S1013 - Nurse Review of Research Councils


In response to the call for evidence for the Nurse Review of research councils, the IET believe that research councils need to be more pro-active in identifying and promoting appropriate collaborative activities to government.

Abstract RCUK should play a facilitation role in this by working with other governmental and non-governmental expert bodies such as the IET. Research Councils need to ensure that they work with a wider range of expert bodies and others to increase opportunities for commercialising research. They should also plan their programmes in a consistent way which relates capital and current expenditure across all councils. Research Councils should collectively review their experience of external collaboration to evaluate different models which have been developed and identify those most successful. Finally they should broaden its pool of engineering expertise for use in the peer review process and draw on the full diversity of expertise in UK universities by working more closely with Professional Engineering Institutions.

Submission Details Submitted on 17 April 2015 to Dept for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)

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Keywords and Search Terms Research councils, collaboration, commercialisation, research, review, engineering expertise, government bodies, professional engineering institutions