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S1010 - Dowling Review – Call for evidence


Dowling Review – Call for evidence: IET comments to the Royal Academy of Engineering


The IET propose that a long-term, consistent approach is critical to the success of successful partnerships. Initiatives to broker business-university collaboration are only effective if they are given the time and investment to establish effective ways of working.

Productive, long-term research partnerships between business and academia require a mutual understanding of the interests and goals of each party, awareness of cultural differences and differing timescales and a shared desire to achieve the technical goals agreed. In particular, more needs to be done to simplify access for SMEs and encourage them to take up opportunities for innovation support and stimulate partnerships with academic or research institutions.

Submission Details Submitted on 05 March 2015 to Royal Academy of Engineering

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Keywords and Search Terms research partnerships, business, academia, industrial collaboration, SMEs, innovation support, universities, catapult centres, intellectual property, SBRI, Government, investment