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S1002 - GCSE and A level reform


GCSE and A level reform: IET comments to the Department for Education


The consultation proposes the scope of content for a design and technology GCSE which includes setting out the knowledge, understanding, skills and learning outcomes to all specifications in design and technology. Subject content also includes understanding of designing and making principles and technical principles which need to be put into context through a proposed number of areas of interest.

The IET agreed with that there was a suitable level of challenge to study broad range of materials and technologies, regardless of their chosen of area of interest. The IET also commented on whether the content reflects what a student needs to know in order to progress further into academic or vocational education and whether the amount of content is appropriate.

Submission Details Submitted on 18 November 2014 to Department for Education

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Keywords and Search Terms Design, Technology, GCSE, designing, making, technical principles, areas of interest