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S1000 - Increasing the UK's long term aviation capacity


Increasing the UK’s long term aviation capacity: IET comments to the Airports Commission.


The IET has responded to a submission by the Airports Commission on Increasing the UK's long term aviation capacity. The Airports Commission has assessed three options for a new runway in the South East of England:

  • Gatwick Second Runway
  • Heathrow Extended Northern Runway
  • Heathrow North West Runway.

In our response, we have noted that any airport expansion must be considered as part of the transport system as a whole. The lack of an integrated transport strategy for the UK creates barriers to a comprehensive discussion. When considering the best expansion option there needs to be a systems-view of mobility that includes public road vehicles, rail and freight. Technology will play a major part in improving efficiency and reducing emissions in air travel. There needs to be further discussion on air traffic management and aircraft systems developments that considers the impact of new technologies in this sector.

Submission Details Submitted on 02 February 2015 to Airports Commission

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