Phil Blythe CEng FIET

Chair of the Transport Policy Panel

Phil Blythe

Phil Blythe, CEng, FIET is Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems and Director of the Transport Operations Research Group at Newcastle University.  

He leads one of the most committed and innovative teams of multi-disciplinary ITS researchers in Europe.  Phil’s research portfolio covers a wide range of areas where ITS has been applied to transport including: road to vehicle communications; road user charging and toll systems; ITS for assistive mobility, smartcards and RFID, wireless/smartdust technologies and future intelligent infrastructure.  His forward looking research attempts to bridge the technology-policy gap in terms of what technologies may evolve to meet future policy objectives or indeed influence future policy thinking.

Phil is best known for his research in the area of road user charging. He led the team that implemented the Cambridge Congestion charging trial in the mid-1990’s and has been involved in most of the major road user charging research initiatives across Europe including the review of charging options for London (ROCOL) which delivered the feasibility study for the subsequent implementation of the London Congestion Charging Scheme, he continues to advise TfL on their future charging technology trials.

Phil has advised government departments both in the UK and worldwide in road user charging, smartcard issues and transport futures, this include, in the UK the DfT, DTI, Cabinet Office and the office of the e-Envoy.  

He was lead expert for OSI-Foresight research programme in the area of Intelligent Infrastructure and continues to provide support this ITS futures research area in both the UK and Europe through the newly formed Foresight Intelligent Infrastructure Forum.  

Phil is also co-Founder of the  IET Journal, Proceeding of ITS, he chairs the Transport Policy Panel of the IET, and is a member of both the IET Executive Team for the TPN on Automotive and Road Transport and the IET’s prestigious Lectures Committee.  

Phil is a member of the Board of Directors of the ITS World Congress. 

He is also the transport representative on the Royal Academy of Engineering Round Table on Climate Change and Energy. Phil is also a member of the  EPSRC Peer Review College. 

Regionally, he is Stakeholder for the Tyne and Wear TiF, a member of the Regional Transport Board and advises the Policy and Scrutiny Committee of the North East Assembly on Transport matters.  

In January 2008, Phil was appointed expert advisor to CfIT (Commission for Integrated Transport) He holds several patents on ITS, publishes widely in journals and conferences and recently published a book on Road User Charging and Electronic Tolling.  Phil and his team also provides knowledge outreach, consultancy and training courses in many aspects of ITS research.