Transport Policy Panel

Identifying policy issues applicable to the transport sector and providing guidance to IET members, government and the public.

The Transport Policy Panel identifies and advises on policy issues applicable to the sector, and provides expert input on submissions to government and other consultations. It also provides guidance to the IET across all relevant professional activities including IET strategy formulation.

The IET believes there are two key principles which should underpin the development of transport policy:

  • transport is a system; decisions in one area will have an impact on other areas, be mindful of these impacts and where necessary address them. This may often require working across government departments and agencies
  • technology can play a role in delivering better transport outcomes, such as carbon reduction, but their effective development and deployment requires both a clear long term policy ambition and incentives (either fiscal or regulatory) for the market to switch to these technologies


List of panel members

Members of the Transport Policy Panel

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Current Activities

(published documents can be downloaded from Transport factfiles )

  • Local Authorities and Smarter Traffic Management
    A conference that focused on hot topics and key projects relating to traffic management.
    Local Authorities' Smarter Traffic Management Conference Report
  • Meeting the needs of older and disabled travellers
    Following research carried out at Newcastle University, The IET and ITS UK have produced a joint report on the huge potential technology has in helping the elderly and disabled use transport.
    Meeting the needs of older and disabled travellers  
  • Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology
    A guide to help local authorities plan, specify and procure new systems, make informed decisions and choose the right technology that will help improve transport in their region.
    Local authority guide to emerging transport technology  
    (This follows on from our report Can we really do more at less cost with the UK road network? )
  • Autonomous vehicles
    Jointly with the transport sector, this project looks at the policy implications of testing autonomous vehicles on UK roads and explores the challenges associated with implementing autonomous technology within the transport system.
  • Integrated Transport
    This project takes into consideration all modes of transport including rail, road, aviation and freight. Any transport strategy must be considered as part of the transport system as a whole. The lack of an integrated transport strategy for the UK creates barriers to a comprehensive discussion.


Future topics

  • High Speed Rail and the future of the UK rail network
  • Automotive cyber security
  • Increasing the UK’s long-term aviation capacity
  • Electric vehicles and energy demand


Relevant submissions 

The IET responds to a number of submissions to Government, Parliament and the devolved Administrations each year. These can be found in the submissions archive (please select the relevant year).

If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Transport Policy Key.

A more detailed overview on the IET’s Transport policy positions can be accessed from the transport key topics page.

For more information on the Transport Policy Panel please contact the Policy Department policy@theiet.org.