Northern Ireland Policy Panel

The Northern Ireland Policy Panel acts as a two-way link between the profession and local government in Northern Ireland.

Its two main tasks are to provide feedback into government thinking and to proactively raise matters of relevance with government.  It is a body of senior advisors chosen to represent the Profession in satisfying these needs specifically for Northern Ireland.  The policy panel comprises senior members from Northern Ireland industry, academe and professional organisations engaged with Northern Ireland issues.

The policy panel operates under the title "Engineering Policy Group Northern Ireland".

In fulfilling its role the policy panel

  • provides via the IET considered answers and steering information to government consultations and other reports on Northern Ireland issues relevant to the Profession
  • undertakes pre-emptive identification of issues applicable to Northern Ireland its industry, educational system, social infrastructure and its engineering professionals
  • provides a definitive IET Policy strategy and position regarding Northern Ireland
  • enables the IET to provide independent professional advice to local government

The policy panel's scope includes:

  • economic and political influences on Northern Ireland
  • environmental impact of technology relevant to Northern Ireland
  • national and European Community legislation change
  • emerging technologies likely to affect the Northern Ireland economy
  • safety and security issues
  • engineering skills, skills attrition, education and recruitment within Northern Ireland

Current programme work themes:

  • NI energy and the environment
  • NI IT skills
  • matching school, FE and HE output to the NI workplace needs

Members of the Northern Ireland Engineering Policy Group Northern Ireland (EPGNI)

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