Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel

Providing expert advice and guidance on innovation, new technologies and innovation systems.

The Innovation and Emerging Technologies (I&ET) Policy Panel was launched in 2008.


To influence and communicate policy relating to:

  • Innovation and research systems that act as a focus for technology research
  • Barriers, risks and enablers of the innovation process
  • Technologies that span more than one engineering discipline or sector
  • New technologies which are not obvious or dealt with in mainstream
  • International Innovation. For the UK to be leaders it must have a mechanism to be pre-warned of international developments in innovation

Who are we trying to influence?

  • Ministers, MPs and civil servants (especially those without a technical background)
  • Financiers, including Private Equity and Angel Investment groups
  • IET membership
  • Other thought leaders including the media/think tanks

It is one of fourteen policy panels established by the IET policy department.

Members of the Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel



Boosting finance for engineering & technology  An IET & ICAEW forum at Savoy Place, 27th September 2016

IET interdisciplinary innovation event held at One Great George Street, 30 November 2015

Manufacturing and Innovation Conference 2014 held at Austin Court, 10 July 2014

What does success look like for innovation and technology centres?


Relevant submissions


If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Research Policy Key.

For more information on the panel’s work, please contact:

Email: policy@theiet.org