Health and Safety Policy Panel

Identifying policy issues applicable to the health and safety sector and providing guidance to IET members, government and the public.

The IET’s Health and Safety Policy Panel was set up to act as a focus for health and safety issues of relevance to the profession. The policy group is comprised of health and safety experts, practitioners and consultants from industry and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The objectives of the Health and Safety Panel include:

  • raising the awareness of current health and safety issues
  • formulating an informed position on current health and safety issues for the IET
  • disseminating information on health and safety to the IET, its members and the public as appropriate
  • ensuring that the views of the IET on health and safety matters are made known to government, standards bodies and other relevant authorities

To achieve these objectives, the panel co-ordinates the IET’s response to health and safety related consultations, maintains and updates the popular health and safety briefing notes and liaises with other health and safety organisations.

The group works with the other major engineering institutions on common health and safety issues through the Inter-Institutional Panel on Health and Safety.  The chairman of the policy panel also represents the IET on the board of the Hazards Forum.  


Relevant submissions

The IET responds to a number of submissions to Government, Parliament and the devolved Administrations each year. These can be found in the submissions archive (please select the relevant year).

If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Health and Safety Policy Key.

To contact the Health and Safety Policy Panel please contact