Energy Policy Panel

Providing impartial engineering advice to government and Parliament on energy policy issues.

The Energy Policy Panel (EPP) is a high-level advisory body established to address matters of policy and public concern relating to energy policy on behalf of the IET. The panel's composition is drawn from senior members of the IET and recognised experts in the field of energy policy. 

List of panel members

Members of the Energy Policy Panel

Current Activities

Energy policy globally is in the midst of great challenge and change. In the UK, the government has to deliver secure energy supplies and decarbonisation affordably in a time of austerity, with huge requirements for innovation and investment.  Government therefore has a real need for impartial engineering advice on the practical deliverability of policy aims. The IET is contributing strongly to this focussing in particular on:

  • developing policy that considers energy as a whole system rather than optimising on one aspect or technology
  • smart networks, including smart metering and smart grids.  The Panel leads a multidisciplinary effort involving the IT, Communications and Transport Policy Panels.
  • deliverability of policy goals from a technology, engineering and construction perspective
  • energy security and resilience

This includes working with Select Committees, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the regulator Ofgem and others. Our work is regarded as independent and authoritative.

Relevant reports and briefings

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More energy factfiles, briefings and position statements can be downloaded from Energy factfiles

Relevant submissions

The IET responds to a number of submissions to Government, Parliament and the devolved Administrations each year. These can be found in the submissions archive (please select the relevant year).

If you are a member, and would like to input into the IET's policy work, please join the Energy Policy Key.

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