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Midnight Madness hits IET London: Savoy Place as the capital takes part in first-of-its-kind immersive gaming challenge

23 May 2018

IET London: Savoy Place saw teams of puzzle experts pass through its doors in the small hours of Sunday morning, as the leading STEM venue in London transformed into an immersive game hub for a 14 hour puzzle race across the capital.

From dusk until dawn on Saturday night, 15 teams of some of the smartest minds in the City, battled it out in a series of fiendishly difficult puzzles around London, including a mystery game hosted at Savoy Place.

The overnight challenge came to the capital for the first time and saw puzzlers face an array of immersive storylines, using over 45 actors and volunteers, before arriving at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) venue at 3am Sunday morning to tackle a mind-bending mystery challenge.

The technical puzzle at Savoy Place took competitors over three hours to complete. Taking over the entire venue and transforming numerous exhibits and rooms with state-of-the-art AV and lighting, actors filled the venue to present clues to the teams as they navigated fake portraits in order to find an object hidden in the vast building.

Players had to solve a theft mystery to find Newton’s flask. Casting Savoy Place as a fictional university, the five suspects, played by actors, included professors, rebellious students and the Dean himself. To crack the case, players navigated the libraries and boardrooms of the IET, as well as a fiendish set of puzzles that asked them to chase down ringing phoneboxes and talk their way into the crime scene. As the sun came up and all the evidence was gathered, the teams presented their conclusions to the police, retrieved the flask from the thief and raced on to the secret finish line location.

During the expedition, which also took place in 25 iconic venues across London, the intellectual athletes had to navigate a giant chessboard, while avoiding Mission Impossible style lasers; undertook an occult ceremony on a boat cruising down the Thames; conducted a 40-piece orchestra; painted on Leake Street; solved a puzzle on the 32nd floor of the Gherkin; and finished by racing a pedalo across the Serpentine.

Of the series of intricate, engaging and rather berserk challenges, the technical puzzles were designed by William Reynolds, a senior F1 engineer and Member of the Young Professionals Community Committee.

“Working with IET London: Savoy Place has helped us share and incorporate the many exciting facets that technology and engineering can create amongst the cities workers and public. It also allowed us to create a really immersive challenge for the Midnight Madness contestants,” commented Will.

“We were able to utilise so many of Savoy Place’s technical capabilities to really challenge the puzzlers as they criss-crossed through the building collecting clues and working out the next logical step.”

Midnight Madness is in aid of Raise Your Hands, which supports small, effective charities that improve the lives of children across the UK and supported by Goldman Sachs Gives and GAM Investments.  The challenge this weekend has so far raised £210,000 for small charities.

For more information, contact alex@triggerfish.co.uk / aaron@triggerfish.co.uk or call 020 7233 9700.

Tom Le Fanu: tom@raiseyourhands.org.uk.

Notes to editors:

About Midnight Madness

In 2015, 21 corporate teams pitted their wits against one another for Midnight Madness New York. It raised $3.1m.

“MM New York was uniquely exciting and challenging, where team work, exploration and puzzle solving come together to make an unforgettable experience.” Ewan Kirk, founder and CIO Cantab Capital.

About Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands has been making waves in the charity sector. They’re challenging traditional models of charity whilst supporting the underdogs and unsung heroes of the charity sector.

Small charities do exceptional work but without the marketing budgets of bigger names, they still struggle for funding. RYH exists to redress that imbalance. In the first three years, Raise Your Hands raised £500k for their selected small charities.

They do this by putting on innovative events for their community. Midnight Madness is primarily a corporate fundraising event but RYH also put on cutting edge events throughout the year for their community of Millennial givers.