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IET comments on international cyber attack

16 May 2017

Nick Coleman, Chair of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) IT Panel, said: “The far-reaching impact of Friday’s cyber attack has proven that any organisation is at risk of being hacked.  Good security measures and training can help to reduce the risk of attacks from becoming disruptive. 

“While most organisations have plans for security, that isn’t enough. Nor is taking solace in the use of patches. While a strategy of planning and patches has been relatively successful this time, it would be naïve to think that we can patch every cyber security vulnerability as we transform to an increasingly connected world. Instead, for now, questions on cyber security governance and frameworks are hopefully among the discussions taking place in boardrooms today. These are big and complex questions – and ones that organisations of all sizes need to consider regularly. 
“What should be chief among those considerations are questions like - What are the cyber risks the organisation faces? How well is the security plan actually working? How good are response mechanisms – and does the overall security programme have clear metrics for measuring success? Are people at all levels of the organisation, including the CEO and leadership, able to know what their responsibilities are? And how are key suppliers and stakeholders dealing with their own cyber risks? 
“In the longer term as we move to an increasingly 'smart' world where nearly every device and machine is getting digitally connected, a solution to the problem is the establishment of a Government department focused on this 'smart' world’s emerging engineering challenges. This would be the most effective way of driving forward legislation and governance that can improve awareness of this important subject among businesses and the general public." 

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