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Groundbreaking energy innovations make waves at IET Innovation Awards

20 November 2017

Cutting-edge advances in the fields of energy, power and sustainability were the highlight at the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Innovation Awards ceremony in central London last night. 

They include innovations to recycle and minimise food waste, cut energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and generate renewable energy.

IntelliDigest scooped the top prize in the Energy category for its innovative IntelliAD product, an automated kitchen-fitted food waste digester that safely and completely reprocesses food waste into clean energy, thereby reducing the loss of up to 70% resource in food waste before it is recycled.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council Power came out on top in the Power category for its revolutionary process that generates high purity biogas from food waste. The process also produces fish feed and waste oil for biodiesel production, leaving no residual waste for disposal and reducing carbon emissions at the same time.

The winning entry in the Sustainability category came from the National University of Singapore, whose unique air-conditioning technology uses a first-of-its-kind foil-like material to reduce air humidity in chillers and create energy savings of at least 35%.

Among the shortlisted entries in the Power category were Tidal Harness, who build single-moving part turbines to harness energy from tidal currents in a simple, reliable and cost-effective way; and EDF Energy Renewables, one of the world’s largest battery storage projects that provides critical power services to National Grid using high-tech battery cells, which are able to respond in lightning speed to create an efficient energy and power hub.

Other winning and shortlisted entries across 15 categories include new ways of increasing online privacy, improving healthcare and patient welfare and enhancing road safety.

IET President Nick Winser, said: “Our Innovation Awards put the achievements of the most outstanding engineering and technology inventors around the world into the spotlight and play a critical role in helping them advance their vital work.

“Innovation is an essential foundation for the growth of the global economy and for raising the standard of living in all communities. It is a key differentiator that makes companies and projects successful and, in keeping with the IET’s mission to inspire excellence in engineering and technology, we are immensely proud to recognise, celebrate and show our support for these exceptional achievements.”

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