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Kids’ future technology predictions sealed in time capsule by HRH The Princess Royal

27 October 2016

School children’s predictions of robots that read minds, credit cards implanted in the body and cars that turn into jets received a Royal seal of approval yesterday (Wednesday 26 October).

The ideas came from school children across the country and were included in a time capsule to mark the official reopening of London’s global engineering hub at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET London: Savoy Place) by HRH The Princess Royal.

To mark the official reopening, HRH The Princess Royal, who is an Honorary Fellow of the IET, sealed a time capsule containing artefacts marking the past, present and future of technology.

The children’s predictions of technology that we’ll see in 50 years’ time were joined by items marking the past and present. Ideas from the children included:

  • Robots that do all your chores, housework and read minds
  • An indestructible rocket that can travel to space and a space village
  • Credit cards under the skin and instant shopping
  • Cars that can time travel, fly and turn into jets
  • Roads and bridges that repair themselves with a self-healing material.  This means that our roads and bridges will be strong, safe and there will be less traffic jams due to road maintenance
  • A microchip to fight cancer  
  • Sunglasses that can record anything you see

IET President Jeremy Watson CBE, said: “Engineering and technology is all around us – it’s at the heart of almost everything we do and this is an extraordinary and exciting time for our profession. However, if we want engineering to continue to keep advancing society and economic growth, we need to inspire the next generation. This activity has been a brilliant way to get children thinking about the future of engineering – as well as demonstrating to them how creative engineering can be.”

HRH The Princess Royal also unveiled a plaque and met IET members, volunteers and staff on a tour of the building. IET London: Savoy Place is a global engineering hub for engineers everywhere and includes exhibitions and engineering spaces that celebrate and highlight the history of the IET, as well as the future of engineering.

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