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IET launches new journal, IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications

17 August 2016

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has launched a new, open access engineering journal, IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications. The new journal will cover emerging issues including security, privacy issues and data analytics techniques in addition to classical cyber-physical systems (CPS) research topics such as control, real-time computing and system validation.

IET Cyber-Physical Systems brings together a team of world-class researchers as its editorial board, from internationally-renowned universities and organisations including Boeing and IBM. The new journal is expected to be a premier forum for exchanging ideas and showcasing innovations in CPS research including applications such as automotive and transportation systems, smart home, building and community, smart battery and energy systems, surveillance systems, smart health, and wearable devices.

IET Cyber-Physical Systems, which is launching a call for papers today, will publish its first issue in December 2016 and become the latest addition to the IET's Communications series hosted on the IET’s Digital Library, joining research journals including IET Communications and IET Wireless Sensor Systems. As the second open access journal to be launched by the IET this year, IET Cyber-Physical Systems also joins a growing collection of fully open access journals published as part of the IET’s continuing mission to develop quality engineering content and accelerate both research and innovation.

Daniel Smith, Head of Academic Publishing at the IET said: “With current global challenges around environmental sustainability, resource management and social sustainability, the implementation of cyber-physical systems offers a significant advance.  We’re delighted to have an international editorial board of experts, who can fully represent the breadth of this multidisciplinary field, selecting the most current, relevant and high quality submissions for publication.”

In a joint statement, Editors-in-Chief, Shiyan Hu and Albert Y. Zomaya, said: “It is our privilege and great honour to serve as the inaugural Editors-in-Chief for IET Cyber-Physical Systems. We are grateful to the IET and the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) research community for giving us this opportunity to serve them.”

The Editors-in-Chief added: “The emergence of Cyber-Physical Systems in recent years has heralded a new wave of activities in an exciting and multidisciplinary field. The development of solutions dealing with a wide range of complex problems and applications requires new innovations in theory and technology. IET Cyber-Physical Systems is a new journal that is intended to publish high quality research and serves as a forum for exchanging ideas and showcasing innovations in CPS research.”

IET Cyber-Physical Systems will be available on the IET’s Digital Library with four issues per year. The Editors are inviting submissions from prospective authors for forthcoming issues.

Register you interest in IET Cyber-Physical Systems and submit your paper here.

Notes to editors:

About the Editors-in-Chief

Professor Shiyan Hu is currently an Associate Professor at Michigan Technological University, where he is Director of Center for Cyber-Physical Systems. He has been a Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford University from 2015 to 2016. His research interests include Cyber-Physical Systems, Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, and Computer-Aided Design of VLSI Circuits, where he has published more than 100 refereed papers.

Prof. Hu is an ACM Distinguished Speaker, an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor, an invited participant for U.S. National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, a recipient of National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, a recipient of ACM SIGDA Richard Newton DAC Scholarship (as the faculty advisor), and a recipient of JSPS Faculty Invitation Fellowship. His research was featured in the Front Cover of IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience in March 2014 and highlighted in various public media such as IEEE Spectrum and Communications of ACM. His ultra-fast slew buffering technique has been widely deployed in industry for designing over 50 microprocessor and ASIC chips such as IBM flagship chips POWER 7 and 8.

Prof. Hu is the Chair for IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief for IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications. He serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems. He is also a Guest Editor for 7 IEEE/ACM Transactions such as IEEE Transactions on Computers and IEEE Transactions on Big Data. He has served as program chairs, track chairs and TPC members for numerous conferences. He is a Fellow of IET.

Professor Albert Y. Zomaya is currently the Chair Professor of High Performance Computing & Networking in the School of Information Technologies at The University of Sydney, where he is also the Director of the Centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing. During 2010-2014 he served as an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow. His research interests are in the areas of complex systems, cyber-physical systems, parallel and distributed computing, and green computing. He has published more than 450 scientific papers and articles and is author, co-author or editor of more than 20 books.

Prof. Zomaya is a Fellow of IET, a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Distinguished Engineer of the ACM and a Chartered Engineer (CEng). He received the 1997 Edgeworth David Medal by the Royal Society of New South Wales for outstanding contributions to Australian Science, the IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing Outstanding Service Award (2011), the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing (2011), and the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award (2014).

Professor Zomaya is the Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing, and he was the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Computers. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief for IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications, and the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Springer's Scalable Computing Journal. He serves as an Associate Editor for other 20 journals such as ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, and IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems.