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Stars of the industry announced as IET achievement award winners

01 October 2015

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has today named the winners of its prestigious 2015 Achievement Awards.

Those honoured are some of the world’s top engineering and technology minds and talent, who have pioneered a range of engineering innovations from designing a suspension bridge over the Yangtze River to ultrasound breakthroughs and coding developments which have changed the face of consumer electronics forever.

The IET Achievement Awards exist to recognise individuals from all over the world who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of engineering, technology and science in any sector, either through research and development in their respective technical field or through their leadership of an enterprise.

This year’s medal winners include: Professor Kees Schouhamer Immink, founder and president of Turing Machines Inc; electrical engineer specialist Dr Asad Madni; renowned engineer Dr Alan Finkel; prolific bridge engineer, Dr Robin Sham; and ultrasound expert, Professor David Hutchins.

Faraday medal winner Professor Kees Schouhamer Immink, a prolific coding inventor, is also the founder of his own coding technology company, named after his predecessor in the field, Alan Turing. On average, each Western household owns around 9.1 products which use his inventions – an incredible achievement which demonstrates his importance in the field of consumer electronics.

This year’s J J Thomson Medallist is Dr Asad Madni, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California, who has been honoured for his distinguished career, spanning four decades, which has produced seminal contributions to the development and commercialisation of “intelligent” sensors, systems, instrumentation and signal processing.

The recipient of the Mountbatten Medal this year, Dr Alan Finkel, has won the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Mountbatten medal in recognition of his research in science and engineering, technical and academic leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy and dedication to science and engineering education.

Achievement Award winner Dr Robin Sham has carved out an iconic career for himself as a talented and respected bridge engineer – who was most recently one of the brains behind Scotland’s Aberfeldy Bridge; the world’s first glass fibre reinforced composite cable-stayed bridge. He was also a key innovator behind the world’s first long-span, three-pylon continuous suspension bridge, the Taizhou Bridge over the Yangtze in Eastern China.

Professor David Hutchins, also the winner of an Achievement medal, is a world-leading ultrasound academic. He has made his name in the industry through influential contributions to the application of innovative ultrasound technologies for industrial problems such as nuclear safety and the prevention of accidents in deep hard-rock mines, and non-destructive evaluation and instrumentation for a future Mars Lander.

Naomi Climer, IET President, said: “We are honoured to present these talented individuals with our top Achievement medals. They have each excelled in their professions, whether in a short period of time or in careers spanning decades; and have made a vast contribution to the advancement of our industry.

“It is our pleasure and privilege at the IET to be able to reward these individuals, as pioneers of important areas in the engineering and technology industries. They should all be very proud of their achievements – with each award being extremely well-deserved.”

The winners, who were nominated by their peers and selected by a panel of IET judges, are leading engineers and technicians, who will now be invited to collect their awards at a prestigious awards ceremony on 18 November.

Eleven of the twelve medal winners have been told today, with the remaining winner of the IET Volunteer Medal to be announced at the IET Achievement Awards ceremony on Wednesday 18 November.

The Achievement Awards are part of the IET’s Achievement Awards and Scholarships programme, which this year provided over £1million in awards, prizes and scholarships to celebrate excellence and research in the sector and encourage the next generation of engineers and technicians. All IET awards seek to inspire and reward engineering excellence, including apprentices at the start of their careers, through to reputable, established professional engineers and technicians.

Find out more about the Achievement Awards here: www.theiet.org/achievement.

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More about the IET Awards:

  • In 2015, the IET provided over £1,000,000 in awards, prizes and scholarships, to celebrate excellence and innovation in the sector and encourage the next generation of engineers and technicians.
  • The portfolio of awards includes Diamond Jubilee scholarships, Apprentice and Technician awards, scholarships in India, the Present around the World competition and the IET A F Harvey Engineering Research Prize.
  • For more information visit http:/www.theiet.org/awards

Full list of Achievement Award Winners:

  • Faraday Medal – Professor Kees Schouhamer Immink
  • Mountbatten Medal – Dr Alan Finkel
  • J J Thomson Medal for Electronics – Dr Asad Madni
  • Achievement Medals – Ms Rachel Hurst, Professor Michael Shur, Dr Robin Sham, Professor David Hutchins, Dr Ronald T Logan, Jr
  • Shortlist for the IET Volunteer Medal - Eur Ing Ronald (Gordon) Dixon, Dr Simon Harrison, Mr John Scott
  • Mike Sargeant Career Achievement Award for Young Professionals – Dr Jin-woo Han
  • Sir Henry Royce Medal for Young Professionals – Eur Ing Dr Matthew Cole
  • Paul Fletcher Award – Mr Joe Dunn