Olympic Park Utilities

Facts and figures for the utilities used at the 2012 Olympic Park

The following are facts and figures for the utilities used at the Olympic Park in London. 


Dismantling pylon
  • Primary electrical substation takes power from the upstream 132,000 volt electrical network outside the Park, 'stepping-down' the power to 11,000 volts to supply venues and buildings across the Olympic Park and Stratford City
  • Each 132/11kV transformer weighs 110 tonnes and is supported by 11,000 items of switchgear and auxiliary equipment
  • Substation connected through more than 100km of electrical cabling - enough to cover 250 laps of the Olympic Stadium track
  • State of the art energy centre is 45m tall and includes 5 cooling towers, each the size of a small house, and 2 hot water boilers, each around 60 tonnes
  • Combined heat and power plant is up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional generation and uses zero carbon renewable energy sources such as biomass to lead to carbon reduction of more than 1000 tonnes per year
  • 200km of electrical cables installed in 2 6km tunnels dug under the Park - enabling 52 pylons and 130km of overhead wires to be removed, clearing the way for construction of venues and infrastructure
  • 265km of utilities networks installed across Olympic Park - including:
    • 7.75km of drinking water networks
    • 4.5km of non-drinking water networks
    • 103.4km of high voltage electricity ducts
    • 157.2km of communications ducts
    • 1.3km of low pressure gas networks
    • 4.3km of intermediate gas pressure networks
    • 10.5km of heating and cooling networks
Olympic park pumping station
Olympic park underground power lines