The Olympic Park

Facts and figures for the 2012 Olympic Park

The following are facts and figures for the Olympic Park in London. 


Close up of stadium supports
  • 2.5 square kilometres (246 hectares) in size - the equivalent size of Hyde Park, London;
  • 8.35km of waterways in and around the Park;
  • Will become one of the largest urban parks to be built in Europe for 150 years;
  • 100 hectares of new parklands were created, including new gardens stretching for half a mile between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium;
  • 10 rail lines will serve the Olympic Park;
  • 5 new permanent venues;
  • 30 new bridges;
  • 80,000 seats in the Olympic Stadium;
  • 11 residential blocks will make up the Olympic Village;
  • 5 jumbo jets could fit inside the International Broadcast Centre;
  • 30,000 people will have worked on the project by 2012;
  • 4,000 smooth newts, 100 toads and 300 common lizards relocated off the Park, as well as fish including pikes and eels;
  • 30,000 tonnes of silt, gravel and rubble removed from waterways;
  • 3 new fully operational logistics centres serving the Park;
  • More than 4,000 trees, 74,000 plants, 60,000 bulbs and 300,000 wetland plants will be planted;
  • 4 skeletons were discovered and removed from a prehistoric settlement discovered on the site of the Aquatics Centre;
  • 100% of spectators will get to the Games by public transport, walking or cycling.
Olympic stadium
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