The IBC and MPC

Facts and figures for the IBC and MPC

The following are facts and figures for the IBC and MPC at the Olympic Park in London. 


Hackney Wick
  • Will support around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists communicating the Games to a worldwide audience of 4 billion people - leaving a legacy of 900,000 square feet of sustainable business space
  • 2,100 piles form the foundations of the IPC/MPC buildings
  • ICB features:
    • 52,000 square metres of studio space over 2 floors up to 10 metres high, plus a further 8,000 square metres of offices over 5 floors at the front of the building
    • 275 metres long x 104 metres wide building has been covered with 15,000 square metres of wall and 26,000 square metres of roof covering
    • 5 jumbo jets could fit wing to wing in the building
  • MPC features:
    • 29,000 square metres of office space over 4 storeys for 5,600 journalists
    • The press workroom will contain 800 workstations
    • 5 conference rooms will accommodate 1,140 people, 50 broadcast cameras, around 100 photographer. The will feature 9 translation booths
  • IBC/MPC facilities also include a 12,000 square metre catering village, including a 4,000 seat restaurant serving 50,000 meals over 24 hrs a day; a 200 metre long High Street featuring shops and services; and a temporary conference room for up to 700 journalists
  • Planned photovoltaic cells on the roof of the Media Centre's car park would help save around 170 tonnes per annum of carbon after the Games
Stratford regional station aeriel view
Olympic Velodrome