Information on the Olympics from the IET Archives

The IET Archives collects and preserves the IET's records since its foundation in 1871, also holding collections related to the history of science, engineering and technology (SET) since the 14th century.

Amongst this wealth of information there are members who have had connections with earlier modern Olympic Games, such as Sir Isaac Schoenberg; and a member who was known to the founder of The Wenlock Olympic Games (the precursor to the modern games). 


1948 London Olympics

Technology and Sport: the 1948 Olympic Games

How technology impacted on how people appreciate sporting events through the development and use of television equipment to film and broadcast the 1948 Olympic Games in London.

Sir Isaac Shoenberg: image courtesy of Robert Alexander

Sir Isaac Shoenberg

Sir Isaac Shoenberg (IET Faraday Medallist) was a prominent electronics engineer who played an important part in the development of television, and was responsible for perfecting the machinery used for outside broadcasts of the swimming events in the London Olympics in 1948.

Thomas Parker MIEE (born 1843, died 1915)

Thomas Parker MIEE

It is easy to understand when visiting the London 2012 Olympics how modern engineers have been involved in everything from the trains to the buildings and infrastructure of the park. But the history of connections between the Olympic Games and members of the IET may lead back to the early foundations of the modern Olympic movement.