Intellectual property key topics

Addressing key topics within the intellectual property sector.

Definition of copyright


Intellectual property is of major importance and value to the Institution, and its members, as it is the result of creative and intellectual activity which defines and underpins knowledge.  Intellectual property rights are the form(s) of legal protection given for a period to the owner of the intellectual property.

IET activities in which intellectual property rights are key include: 

  • Issuing the electrical wiring regulations for dwellings, buildings and industry
  • Operating its computer-assisted information service Inspec
  • Providing an extensive range of lectures, meetings, conferences, seminars, workshop and knowledge exchange networks
  • Providing business and technical information to its members, and society, through publication of its journals, proceedings, factfiles, guidance notes and books.
  • Operating its Website and Internet Web-television service (IET.tv)
  • The IET brand

Whilst the IET’s intellectual property is, in the main, non-registerable (copyright), those of its members, and their employers, more often take the form of patents, trademarks, registered designs, micro-electronic circuit layouts etc.

Professionals need to understand intellectual property to know the benefits and obligations.  This is particularly true in those countries where the economy is based on knowledge creation.  With this in mind, the IET is a member of the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) whose aim is to inform professionals, amongst others, about intellectual property.