Cyber Security sponsorship scheme

A sponsorship scheme to increase development and maintenance of cyber skills and raise awareness.

Participating universities

Are you concerned about the availability of skilled cyber security professionals for your business and suppliers? You can help to address this problem, by becoming part of a new initiative which provides your organisation with an opportunity to:

  • address the shortage of engineers and technologists with cyber security skills
  • support the promotion and application of best practice in this growing field
  • enhance the skills in your staff and your supply chain
  • be seen as an employer of choice for cyber security professionals.


In its 2011 UK Cyber Security Strategy, the Government identified the problem of maintaining an adequate supply of relevant skills and declared an intention to “… promote the development of a cadre of skilled cyber security professionals so that the UK continues to retain its edge in this area”. Supported by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, this initiative from the Cyber Security Skills Alliance, led by the IET, has been launched to support the drive to increase development and maintenance of cyber skills and raise awareness of the need for these in industry.

Developing Masters-level cyber security skills

The IET is leading the Alliance’s first project to launch a scheme promoting education at Masters-level in cyber security. This scheme brings together employers and universities to provide the financial backing and latest knowledge in cyber security to encourage and support talented individuals in acquiring the skills required to protect commerce and infrastructure in the UK. 

The scheme will be launched as a pilot in 2013, using existing MSc courses at four universities (De Montfort, Lancaster, Plymouth and Warwick), and developed further from 2014 onwards with an extended coverage of courses and providers as well as further support for the Alliance alumni in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

A crucial element of the programme is the ability for students, employers and course providers to share information on the latest cyber security threats and techniques. The scheme will provide a channel for dissemination of the latest cyber security research to students, graduates and sponsors. As the scheme moves from the pilot phase, this will be further enhanced by the development of a sustainable suite of CPD.

Benefits of being a sponsor

As a sponsor you will benefit from:

  • enhancing your organisation and employer brand, profile and awareness within the engineering and cyber security arenas;
  • face-to-face interaction with audiences that are often difficult to reach;
  • networking and building relationships with course providers, sponsored students and other sponsors;
  • establishing and enhancing your organisation’s relationship and reputation with the engineers of the future;
  • demonstrating your commitment to cyber security in the workplace;
  • reinforcing your association with members of the Alliance Increasing the cyber security skills base in the UK.

Sponsorship commitment

The commitment to sponsor a student is £12,000, covering a substantial contribution to the individual’s course fees and an administration fee which supports delivery of the annual networking conference and seminars. There is no limit to the number of students an organisation can sponsor.
You may also wish to:

  • attend the annual networking event to meet the students, course providers, researchers and other sponsors
  • consider providing internships and/or placements to students to provide valuable exposure to real-life cyber issues

A sponsor may use this route to develop existing staff members, or may take the opportunity to contribute to a growing pool of cyber security talent. There is no limit to the number of students any organisation can sponsor, and this presents an opportunity to enhance skills across your organisation as well as your supply chain – developing experience and understanding in collaboration. There will be three routes through which a student can be sponsored*

  • nomination of individuals by sponsor
  • cyber Security Challenge UK award winners
  • identification of candidates by the HEIs.

*Acceptance of sponsors and students is subject to agreement of the Cyber Security Skills Alliance.