Cyber security information

A list of relevant factfiles and position statements relevant to cyber security.

The IET has published a number of IT-related factfiles on topics which have relevance to cyber security. Topics include:  

  • radio frequency identification device technology (RFID)
  • identity management: myths and realities
  • communicating by email - A good practice guide
  • e-Business reference centre
  • formal methods formal methods
  • cloud computing

The IET has also published some IT position statements which are intended to inform government policy. Topics covered include:

  • digital Britain - illegal file sharing
  • information assurance strategy
  • computer based safety critical systems
  • information security - with opportunity comes risk

Information technology factfiles


The IET regularly holds seminar events and technical seminars which are cyber security related. Many of the presentations are video recorded and can be found on IET.tv. There is not a dedicated channel for cyber security content, try searching all channels using terms such as cyber, SCADA, BYOD, etc.