Engineering an industrial strategy

This document outlines the key actions needed to ensure the UK has a successful industrial strategy.

The government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy is a crucial and very welcome step towards engineering an economy that works for all. The success of this endeavour is critical for the future of the UK. It provides an essential opportunity to build a shared vision - across government, industry and civil society - for the UK’s new position on the global stage following its departure from the EU, and to create an accompanying policy framework that will ensure that  resources are aligned in support of this vision.

This substantial response represents the collective voice of 38 professional engineering organisations supporting 450,000 UK engineers, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering. As this is a direct response to the government’s Green Paper, it focuses on the actions for government but it recognises that the strategy must be based on a true partnership  between government and industry, with strong interfaces with civil society and academia.


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