ISA Seminar 2013

Transferable safety - fact or fiction?

The IET/BCS/SaRS Independent Safety Assurance Working Group held a seminar on 05 December 2013 on the theme of transferable safety - fact or fiction?. The event was organised in conjunction with the Safety Critical Systems Club.



Presentations available from the seminar










Papers and presentations published by kind permission of the companies and individuals concerned.


Assessment of safety related compliance claims (SRCC) The seminar's workshop session helped develop a guidance document on evaluation of the quality of Safety-Related Compliance Claim (SRCC) made in documentation and certificates, which was intended to help address the process of scrutinizing the claim as presented in the SRCC, rather than scrutiny of the evidence underpinning the claim. This guidance document is now available as a factfile.

Assessment of safety related compliance claims (SRCC)