ISA Seminar 2004

Life Saving Second Options Seminar

On the 8th June 2004 the first Independent Safety Assessment seminar entitled “Life Saving Second Opinions” was held One Whitehall Place, London.  The Safety Critical Systems Club in collaboration with the IET/BCS ISA Group organised the event.

The aims of holding a seminar were to promote the role of the ISA, the use of measurement and the application of standards is becoming increasingly important in the through-life safety management of complex systems.  The seminar consisted of 6 sessions covering the following 3 themes:

  • Measurement
  • Standards
  • Independence

The last session was a discussion panel which gave delegates an opportunity to ask questions about the role and use Independent Safety Assessors, Auditors and Advisors.

The panel members were

Brian Jepson (BAE Systems)
John Canning (Virkonnen Critical Systems)
Simon J Brown (HSE)
Bob Goodall (Ship Safety Management Office, MOD)
Ian Spalding (Aspect Assessment Ltd)

Presentations available from the seminar


The following presentations are not available

  • Responsibilities, Independence and expectations
  • ISA Lessons Learnt
  • Safety Assessment of An Electronic Controller for the Ford Focus C-MAX

Papers and presentations published by kind permission of the companies and individuals concerned.