Independent Safety Assurance (ISA) Working Group

Promoting and assisting the role of the independent safety assessor.

The group meets up to 4 times a year. Its work includes organising seminars and producing guidance on the topic of ISA work. The panel is affiliated to the IET, the BCS and the Safety & Reliability Society.

The ISA Working Group is made up of representatives from many parts of the safety critical industry.

ISA Working Group - Aims, Objectives and Mission Statement

Members of the ISA Working Group

Latest ISA Document

Guidance for producing an ISA Plan for assessing a safety case Guidance for producing an ISA Plan for assessing a safety case - published 28/07/16

This document provides guidance on the production of an ISA plan for the assessment of a safety case (or equivalent) and supplements normal good practice for producing a project plan.

Guidance for producing an ISA Plan for assessing a safety case  

ISA factfiles

Code of practice for Indepedent Safety Assessors (ISAs) The ISA Working Group has produced a number of documents which may be of use to ISAs and people interested in this field. These factfiles include a Code of Practice and a Competence Framework for ISAs.

The ISA community should also be aware of the IET's factfiles on EMC & Functional Safety, and also Safety Competence.

ISA factfiles

Engineering Council Guidance on Risk

Engineering Council Guidance on Risk This guidance describes the role of professional engineers and technicians in dealing with risk, and their responsibilities to society. It lists six principles to guide and motivate professional engineers and technicians in identifying, assessing, managing and communicating about risk.



The ISA Working Group holds a seminar roughly every 2 years to promote the role of Independent Safety Assurance and provide a professional development opportunity for the ISA community.

ISA Seminar 2013

ISA Seminar 2011

ISA Seminar 2006

ISA Seminar 2004

MOD Guidance

The following guidance expands and clarifies the guidelines and requirements in MOD safety standards on the use of the Independent Safety Auditors (ISAs). The documents are reproduced with the kind permission of the Ministry of Defence.

The use of independent safety auditors in DE and S  

ISA guidance for MOD projects

Contact ISA WG

The members of the working group are happy to discuss the work of the ISA and to answer questions. If you would like to contact any of the above, then please contact

Email: isawg @theiet.org